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“For People, Animals & Our Planet”

Advocates Of A Veganic Whole Plant Lifestyle + Anything That Leads People In That Direction.

We Are A 100% Vegan Organization.


Showcasing the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for our HEALTH, COMPASSION FOR ANIMALS and protecting our PLANET.


Properly administered whole-food plant-based diets can prevent, stop, and reverse disease, with life-changing results. In fact, such specific diets are now actually being prescribed as medicine. Join us at our and learn the latest from our vendors, speakers & chefs. This historic paradigm shifting of our healthcare system is happening right here in our local community! It’s long been known that true healthcare actually consists of the food a person chooses to eat.


We want to help enable people to reconsider their relationships with animals as commodities in order to incorporate a more compassionate lifestyle that benefits their own health, the health of the planet, and all living beings.


It may not be as widely known, or understood, but conventional animal farming is one of the most destructive forces our planet faces. The resources used to produce animal based food products are neither sustainable nor necessary. Everything from water, to land, to food itself is being used at levels that we simply cannot maintain. Reducing demand for animal-based products could have immensely positive benefits for our planet.

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What We Do

We are raising awareness and advocating for the use of food as medicine. Click to learn more.


We are always on the move and acquiring information on how food can help heal. We share it with you on our Youtube channel. Click to view.

Meet the Team

None of this would be possible without the fantastic board members, selfless team and partners. Click to learn about our team.


Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. We have listed a few of our favorite plant based recipes sites.


Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste or time. We have listed a few of our favorite healthy prepared foods.

How can i help?

Connect with us via social media, attend our vegan events and donate. 


This is the best way to help without spending a penny. Follow our social media pages, like, comment and share! Easy as vegan pie.


We are involved in fun FREE vegan events all year round, across the country. Join us and bring a friend or two or three!


Your generosity makes our work possible. We operate one hundred percent on donations from generous folks like yourself.


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