aPlantBasedDiet.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its mission is to improve lives by raising awareness and advocating for the use of food as medicine. Specifically a whole plant food, organic diet + things that lead people in that direction. aPlantBasedDiet.org was Founded in 2014 by Mike Young.

Mike is just an ordinary guy with a passion for human health! He has always taken interest in wondering why so many people suffer from chronic poor health conditions, many of which end up making folks lives miserable and lead to untimely death. Mike always tends to do things a little bit differently than most folks and never stops questioning.

Even as a child Mike was a very picky eater. Thankfully, for the most part, the foods Mike chose to eat tended to be some of the healthiest. Mike remembers many dinners growing up where he spent hours at the kitchen table, after everyone had finished, because he refused to eat the meat that was on his plate.

Mike wasn’t perfect and he did begin to somewhat give into the peer pressure of the standard american diet beginning during his teenage years of the nineteen eighties. Mike has continually struggled to keep on weight so he’s always made an effort to eat whatever was needed in an attempt to put on as much weight as possible, typically with no regard to what the food contained. A turning point happened around the year two thousand when he visited his doctor (Mike has only made rare appearances at the doctors office during his lifetime) for a check up and it was reported that his blood cholesterol was at a level of 201. Thankfully this happened to be a very conservative doctor that mentioned that if his level did not drop by the time of his next visit he would be placed on maintenance medication for high cholesterol. This prompted the always curious Mike to do some research on why cholesterol levels may be raised in some individuals. He determined it was the food he was eating and started to make dramatic changes in his eating habits including dramatic reduction of dairy and elimination of red meats. Mike noticed a rapid improvement in his health and well being and thankfully believed he was well and didn’t see any need to return to that doctor for a follow up.

Since that time Mike’s diet has continually progressed in a more positive direction to where he is today… advocating eating whole, organic plant foods in order to achieve an optimal state of health and well being. It’s wonderful that such a diet not only improves human health, but also is best for animals and the planet!

Mike believes he is fortunate to live in a time where society appears to be waking up to these dramatic realizations and is actually witnessing and helping with this progress.