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Englewood | Presenters

Featuring expert doctors, researchers, and activists to discuss timely topics such as health, diet, animal welfare, and the environment.


Dr. Will Tuttle, visionary author, educator, and inspirational speaker, is author of the acclaimed Amazon #1 best-seller The World Peace Diet, published in 16 languages. Since 1985, Dr. Tuttle has delivered an unparalleled 4,000+ live audience presentations encouraging compassion and vegan living, in over 50 countries worldwide and in all 50 U.S. states.

Ellen Livingston

Ellen Livingston loves to share her passion for health and happiness creation. A naturally uncooked diet with fruit as the centerpiece, ‘living movement’ and communion with nature, empowered thinking, authentic expression and intuitive heart-led living are primary tools of Ellen’s unique teachings and mentoring. She healed herself of several serious conditions, and continues to heal and thrive with a fruit-centric raw vegan diet (since 2002). Ellen has studied extensively, in person, with many of the world’s foremost natural raw health leaders and life coaches, and is a Master’s level mental health counselor and certified yoga instructor. Through her presentations, mentoring, and annual retreats in Florida and Costa Rica she has inspired and assisted hundreds of people to reclaim their natural vitality and make lasting, profoundly life-changing health and lifestyle upgrades. Ellen makes her primary home in Englewood, Florida. For more information visit Ellen’s website: