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Fort Myers | FITNESS

improve overall, your mind, body and spirit

Tai Chi exercise is appropriate for all ages and any skill level. Learn to move smoothly and efficiently with grace, suppleness, balance and good posture. Relax your body and open your energy pathways. Gently build your strength, flexibility and mental clarity. Boost your immune system. Practicing Tai Chi is a gift to yourself that will help you improve overall, your mind, body and spirit. No experience necessary.

Ellio Pilates, Tai Chi & More

Ellio Pilates, Tai Chi & More is a warm and welcoming wellness / movement studio offering a variety of safely guided movement in small group classes or private sessions, online and in the studio. Join us for Pilates and specialty Pilates including Pilates for MS & Neurological Conditions, Buff Bones (osteoporosis-safe) Pilates, Pilates for Golf, Pilates for Seniors and more. We also offer Tai Chi, Foundation Training (for back strength and decompression), Miracle Ball Method (self release technique), Meditation, Posture & Gait training, Gentle Stretch & Release and more.

12577 New Brittany Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33919 239-770-8670

Vicki Elliott-Brown

owner & lead teacher at Ellio Pilates, Tai Chi & More

In January, 2015, I opened Ellio Pilates, Tai Chi & More in Fort Myers, FL. My mission is to provide thoughtful, responsible and appropriate guidance for people of all ages who seek to live healthier lives with less pain and more vigor using mind-body connecting forms of exercise and self- awareness. At Ellio, we offer thoughtful, compassionate guidance through various wellness modalities, personalizing movement programs to suit individual needs. For over 25 years I have developed a wide knowledge base in many exercise disciplines to help clients feel better, move better, look better. Training and specialties include: Pilates mat and equipment, specialty Pilates for MS & Neurological Conditions, Golf, Seniors; Tai Chi; Posture / Gait; aerobics & cardio fitness; general fitness and much more.