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Naples | Music

move with the music

There’s nothing better than some good tunes while you’re enjoying your best plant based life. Check out the music featured at this fest below. 

Stephen Huggins | Raising the bodies frequency vibration

10:50am - 11:00am

10 minutes of immersive sound healing frequencies sit back relax and meditate to the pure crystal tones of crystal quartz singing bowls as your chakras get tuned up and your body comes into vibrational alignment. Also being featured is the angelic sounds of a metallophone and a crystal quartz singing pyramid. Steve the explorer travels the US and abroad providing positive energy in the upliftment of the frequency of humanity. He talks on spirituality and fasting as ancient cures for a modern world that has turned consumerist.

Brad Talbott | Progressive Improv

Noon - 3pm

Brad Talbott is an avid musician and Fort Myers Organizer for the international Anonymous for the Voiceless movement. Brad has helped organize public art demonstrations along with others around the state of Florida in order to educate the public about the positive effects a plant based diet can have on your health, the environment, and the animals we share this planet with. He has had experience with hosting musical events as President of music club at Florida Gulf Coast University in addition to hosting and assisting local open mic nights throughout the community.